Human Time Project - Nightmare- Was "in stock" but then no response at all?!


I ordered a watch for my boyfriend for Valentines Day this past February.It was some "limited edition" he wanted and it was a really nice watch.

I want to say it was around 100$. So it said it was in stock, and I ordered it WELL OVER a month before Valentine's day, then nothing. I waited and waited for it to ship, so after a few days I emailed them. No answer.

I emailed again. No answer again. Finally I got so mad I contacted them on their facebook page. Finally got an answer, got a *** half-a** reply.

They threw in a few extra straps then said they'll ship it. Then nothing again. I contacted them again and they tell me its out of stock. Uh WHAT.

So by the time I finally got a freaking watch it was 2 weeks AFTER Valentines day. Great job guys.

So disappointed.Never buying from them again.

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